At A.P.A we want each child to achieve their very best. We aim to support each child in reaching their individual goals and encourage confidence throughout all performances.


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Achieve offers a wide variety of recreational and competition dance classes for all ages, with a specific focus on ages 3 to 18. Achieve is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment where each student is valued and supported in reaching their individual goals. 

To uphold a high standard, Achieve focuses on the following:  

  • High instructor quality and on-going professional development

  • Differentiation (individual focus and goals)

  • Paying for quality not quantity (option to pay per class style as well as package deals)








Achieve values the importance of working with families, schools, communities and other relevant institutions. Together, we can support your child to grow into a confident, talented and successful adult.

Our Studio

Our employees are offered continued professional development opportunities to ensure they have the highest quality of training.

Achieve aligns with creative arts syllabi including CSTD, PBT, AA, TCL as well as Australian school curriculums including  ACARA and QCAA.

This supports our students to thrive in the performing arts as well as academically.


“Nothing brings me greater joy than supporting students with reaching milestones and seeing the pride in their eyes and newly found confidence in their abilities. “ 

Stephanie Miller






Stephanie Miller


Stephanie entered into the performing arts at the age of nine. Growing up, she worked professionally on-stage at QPAC in numerous productions with her most favoured role including the head female orphan in ‘An Inspector Calls’ by JB Priestley and directed by Stephen Daldry. 

Stephanie loved performing but her passion lay with teaching. From the age of fifteen, Stephanie undertook many roles at various dance schools teaching ballet, tap, jazz, hip hip, speech and drama, cheer and acrobatics. She also thrived when teaching solo intensives and choreographing for eisteddfod competitions. 

After completing her Bachelor of Education and graduating with honours, Stephanie taught in the education sector as a primary school teacher. During this time, Stephanie also ventured through Europe and Australia. She completed professional development courses and workshops with celebrity choreographers including: Jason Coleman, Mia Michaels, Travis Wall, Matt Lee, Blake John Wood and Matthew Prescott. 

With several years of experience and qualifications, Stephanie was ready to fulfil her dreams and thus Achieve was created!

Stephanie’s qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Education – Honours (2016) 

  • Diploma of Performing Arts (ATCL) with Trinity College London (2012)

  • Acrobatics Arts Teaching Certificate – Module 1 (2016) & Module 2 (2019)

  • PBT Certification in Junior, Senior and Advanced Programs (2018)

  • CSTD Jazz Dance Teacher’s Certificate (2015)

  • CSTD Tap Dance Teacher’s Certificate (2015)

  • CSTD Advanced Theatrical – specialising in Ballet, Tap and Jazz (2011)

  • QLD Certificate II in Business (2012)

  • QLD Certificate II in Work Place Practices (2012)

  • First aid, CPR and Fire Training Certification (2020)

  • Current Blue Card and registration with Queensland College of Teachers

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