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2023Yearly Planner

We have numerous events planned throughout the year to showcase and celebrate milestones for students, families and the community. Our 2023 calendar will be released on January 1st when enrolments open. Please note, changes may occur throughout the year.


Term One

Term one will commence Monday 23rd of January until Saturday 1st of April. Term one focuses on individual improvement through differentiation and goal setting with an emphasis on technique. Eisteddfod competitions, examinations and extra performance opportunities are also offered for both groups and solos throughout the year.

Term Two

Term Three

Term three begins Monday 10th of July until Saturday 16th of September and will involve preparations for Achieve's 2023 Showcase. Opportunities for students to participate in solo eisteddfods and examinations are also available through private lessons.

Term Four

Term two will commence Monday 17th of April until Saturday 24th of June. Term two continues to focus on individual improvement. Students will continue to work through various syllabi and curriculums to expand their repertoire and technique. A parent showing will be held on Monday 12th of June to Saturday 17th of June where families are invited to attend and celebrate the improvements students have made. 

Students are also given the opportunity to participate in the chosen musical production every second year. Our next musical production will be in 2024.

Term four dates include Tuesday 3rd of October until Saturday 2nd of December.

Achieve's 2023 Showcase rehearsal will take place on Saturday 11th of November and Achieve's 2023 Showcase Performances will take place on Sunday 12th of November.

Click on the link above to download our 2023 Calendar

Parents Night Off / Kids Night In

At Achieve, we offer a parents night off/ kids night in every so often because our
parents deserve to treat themselves.
Download more information about our upcoming parents night off below. 

Holiday School

Achieve's holiday school program is run by our director, Stephanie. With a Bachelor of Education, she plans engaging lessons that not only support each child in the performing arts but also encourages friendships and confidence. 

Bookings can be made now via our website for each day separately or by registering for a three-day pass.

More information regarding our next holiday school will be released soon. For now, you can download the PDF flyer below.

Holiday Workshops

Our holiday workshops support students to be extended in specific areas of interest and focus on rapid growth improvement. Achieve workshops usually include but are not limited to: lyrical/contemporary, acrobatics (limbering, aerials and tumbling) as well as audition workshops and musical theatre intensives. 


More information regarding our upcoming workshops will be released soon. In the meantime, you can download our previous PDF flyer for reference:

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